The long-term life and quality assurance of the fabric ducts are connected with ensuring the basic activity – regular control of the material condition and the maintenance. Their usage extension may be obtained by the following measures:

  • during assembly and disassembly of the ducts, you should maintain the work under the standard of „clean hands”,
  • the fabric ducts should not be stored under the unpacked condition on the floors – they should be protected against getting dirty or mechanical damage,
  • fabric ducts should be installed in the way protecting them against contacting with other devices or their elements,
  • you should avoid putting the fabric duct to the extensive UV radiation exposure,
  • the devices supplying the air to the fabric ducts should be equipped with the filters with appropriate filtration class,
  • fabric ducts should not be given to the impact of the air with high temperature (above 70 °C).


Fabric duct cleaning

Washing with water

Duct washing process should be performed according to the following instructions:

  • it is recommended to use from 2 to 4 washing cycles while adding washing agents (agent dosing according to the producer’s guidelines), at temperature 30-40°C,
  • in case of materials that are very dirty, it is recommended to rinse them between the particular washing processes
  • it is allowable to rinse with addition of disinfecting agents e.g. chlorine preparations,
  • final rinsing should be done with addition of the agents neutralising the impact of the disinfecting agents or in clean water
  • you should not centrifuge the ducts after finishing the washing – it is recommended to suspend the ducts when they are still wet and let them dry up themselves,
  • drying up the ducts in the mechanical driers may lead to their permanent damage.

Chemical cleaning

The chemical cleaning process can be applied only to the ducts of slight or average dirt degree. The disinfection effect can be obtained by chemical cleaning with addition of 4-vinyl chloride. After finishing the cleaning, it is recommended to air the ducts thoroughly.


Transport duct cleaning

Transport ducts are not suitable for washing in the washing machines. They should be washed while using generally available washing agents. The washing should be done both from inside and outside. After washing the ducts should be rinsed in clean water and hang side-long to enable water dropping. Usage of agents containg the solvents may lead to permanent material damage.