Textile ducts for cold distribution

          Atolvent textile ducts can be washed many times, which maintains their hygiene. Keeping cleanliness is much cheaper and faster than in the case of steel ducts. Many hours of production downtime do not have to be a necessity.

    The permeable Atolvent diffusers have found their application in:

  • food production plants dairy industry,
  • meat industry, including cutting halls,
  • cold stores,
  • packaging lines
  • fish processing
  • vegetables and other products that require low temperatures.
       Water condensation on the ceiling and in installations is a common problem in food production plants. It is required to keep the temperature low in these places. Condensation forms as a result of water condensation during contact of cold air blown into the room with warmer air, usually very humid. Textile ducts, due to the appropriate perforation, significantly reduce the amount of condensation. The proper permeability of the material ensures the dry surface of these ventilation ducts.

Ventilation of large production halls

     Material ducts are used in production halls with high heat gains. They allows for appropriate distribution and supply of significant amounts of fresh air supplied from air handling units. It is possible to evenly distribute air around the hall, as well as to increase air flow in the most requirement places. In areas where air supply is not required, transport channels (no air flow) or limited flow ducts are used. The ventilation ducts we offer are successfully used for both heating in winter and cooling in summer. The graphic shows a transport channel that divides the air between the supply channels, along the girders.

Air conditioning system based on a rooftop device

Textile ventilation is also used in heating and cooling of storage rooms. The illustrations show the duct system supplied by the rooftoop device. The air is supplied through an insulated spiro pipe, and then through diffusers evenly distributed between the alleys, over the entire hall area. For high storage warehouses, as well as other high rooms, it is recommended to use long-range nozzles. Our experienced engineering staff will help you in their selection.

Arrangement of textile ducts

Material ventilation ducts are also used to distribute heat supplied by heating apparatuses and cool supplied by fan coils.Appropriate arrangement of devices together with textile ducts, proposed next to it, ensures maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the entire hall.During fall / spring, some devices can be turned off, while textile elements dismantled for washing. Supply air ducts are mounted on steel cables, thanks to which it is possible to easily change their location in the event of e.g. modification of the production line or increase of heat gains.   The shape of the ducts can be also changed - by adding a tee or textile elbows.

Textile displacement flow diffusers

       When it is required to supply air with a mild effect in a point-wise manner, the best solution is to use displacement diffusers. They allow a mild supply of treated air directly to the area where people are staying. Due to the low speed of air outflow from the diffuser, being in the vicinity is comfortable. Thanks to positive displacement diffusers, the separation of zones covered by specific air requirements becomes easier. In our offer you will find products adapted to different air expenditure and in various color variants.