Adventages of fabric ducts

Fabric ducts are new solution in the field of ventilation and they find more and more followers in many countries. Their popularity results from the wide range of possible applications – they prove to work well both in High – Tech systems and in office rooms, production halls and sterile rooms with great air interchangeability. Application of fabric ducts provides unique advantages:

Apart from the foregoing, the fabric ducts provide users the additional benefits:

  • filterable properties of the fabric ducts. In the air systems equipped with the fabric ducts, the air treatment is done in the ventilation or air-conditioning units. Apart from the fact, that the devices are equipped with the initial and secondary filters, the air is not free of pollution. The polyester fabrics acting as an additional filter stops on its inside walls the fungi spores and other particles of similar origin. At the same time, as synthetic material, it is not the ground for their further development. It provides efficient protection of the manufactured products which is proved by PZH [National Institute of Hygiene] certificates empowering to use our ducts in the direct neighbourhood of the food products.